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A turn-key program to make social media marketing easy, effective and compliant

If you crave the real-time marketing power of social media but have been wary of using it due to either the time commitment or compliance challenges, our GoSocial program is the solution for you.

Through GoSocial at Ameriprise, you gain an authentic, personalized social media presence to market your practice — all inside a turn-key system that takes care of the time-consuming tasks of content creation and compliance for you.

With our GoSocial program, you can easily access:

  • Multiple social media platforms
    With GoSocial, you can build and strengthen your online presence by using the major social media platforms clients and prospects use: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you choose which platforms to participate in and what content you post on each.
  • Engaging content
    GoSocial features a library of pre-approved content, with new posts added every business day. Designed to engage clients and prospects, our content capitalizes on social media best practices and performance metrics. Sample post topics include research, thought-provoking questions, financial concerns and international events plus market commentary whenever the market moves 200 points or more in either direction. You can leverage the pre-approved posts, modify them or create and post custom content. For pre-approved posts, GoSocial even recommends which social media platform the content would be best for and when it should be posted. You can also post content immediately or schedule it to post throughout the week.
  • Compliance
    One of the key features of GoSocial is compliance. Your modified and custom posts are screened for compliance after you’ve posted them, allowing you to use social media authentically, in real time, while mitigating risk. Posts and incoming and outgoing communications are also appropriately retained to meet FINRA retention requirements.
  • Shared access
    Gain efficiencies with “on behalf of” access, where you can authorize your staff to post and/or respond for you, freeing up more of your time to work with clients.

Social media is an effective way to connect with clients and prospects, and to distinguish yourself from the competition. Listen, engage and, most of all, be yourself. Our GoSocial program is designed to enable you to do just that — easily and compliantly.