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Both clients and employees benefit from our inclusive culture

Diversity is reflected in everything that drives our success – from our people, corporate values and business strategy to our culture and history of giving back to our communities where we live and work.

Approximately 20,000 people form the foundation of Ameriprise Financial.1 This variety of experiences, opinions and lifestyles enhances our organization and helps us better understand each other and our clients. We embrace diversity at the highest levels of leadership:

  • We invest in our employees and maximize the diverse experience on our teams to drive innovation, build talent and strengthen our client relationships.
  • We empower and encourage employees to grow and develop.
  • We welcome all employees to contribute ideas and add value to our strategies.
  • We volunteer time and contribute resources to organizations and people in need.
  • Our grant-making efforts are focused where we can best leverage our resources, meet needs in the community and match the interests of our employees.

Consumers, clients and employees can see that we're sensitive to their needs, accept and understand their perspectives, and value and support them and their communities.

Ameriprise Financial business resource networks

We demonstrate our commitment to inclusion through more than a dozen networks. These networks provide opportunities for professional development and relationship building while promoting awareness and community service.

Business resource networks:

BEN - Black Employee Network
BEN – Black Employee Network

Established in 1987, BEN is the oldest employee network at Ameriprise Financial. BEN provides a forum for employees to enhance their personal and professional growth from an African American perspective, thus maximizing their contributions to the firm and to their community.

BRIDGE Multicultural Network – Building Relationships in a Diverse Group Environment
BRIDGE Multicultural Network – Building Relationships in a Diverse Group Environment

Formed in 2010, BRIDGE brings together employees from all backgrounds to promote mutual understanding, create an inclusive and collaborative environment, foster personal and professional development opportunities and develop initiatives that align with Ameriprise business strategies.

CHAI - Jewish Employee Network
CHAI – Jewish Employee Network

Since 2003, CHAI has served as a resource for all employees interested in Judaism or the Jewish Community, and works to promote understanding of Jewish ethnicity, history, identity, thought and religion.

STRIVE - Awareness Employee Network
STRIVE – Abilities Network

Formed in 1992, STRIVE seeks to foster innovation and demonstrate business value through education, advocacy, branding and engagement, positioning Ameriprise Financial as a company of choice for people of all abilities.

EWEx - East-West Exchange, Asian-American Employee Network
EWEx – East-West Exchange, Asian-American Employee Network

Founded in 1990, EWEx advances our Ameriprise values through promoting leadership development and engagement for its members, as well as championing the importance of diversity in the workplace by focusing on issues of interest to the Asian and Asian-American community at Ameriprise.

HOLA - Hispanos, Latinos & Amigos Network
HOLA – Hispanos, Latinos & Amigos Network

Established in 1992, HOLA provides a forum to engage with Hispanic/Latino culture, and to contribute to the success of Hispanics/Latinos at Ameriprise Financial and in the communities in which we live.

MECCA –Muslim Employees Connecting and Contributing to Ameriprise Financial
MECCA –Muslim Employees Connecting and Contributing to Ameriprise

Established in 2010, MECCA promotes awareness and understanding of the diversity within the Muslim faith, provides a forum for employees to develop personally and professionally, and promotes engagement with the wider American Muslim community.

NATION – Native American Tribal Indigenous Organizational Network
NATION – Native American Tribal Indigenous Organizational Network

Formed in 1992, NATION strives to encourage and support awareness of the Native American culture in a corporate work environment through networking and education.

OPEN - Over-30 Professional Employee Network
FAMILY – Family and Life Stages Network

The Family and Life Stages Network was founded in 2017 to foster a supportive environment for employees from hire to retire and across life’s transitions – from raising children to providing care for family and friends.

PRIDE - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Employee Network
PRIDE – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Employee Network

The PRIDE Network was founded in 1990 and designed to foster a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees so they may all perform freely to their fullest potential.

SALT - Christian Employee Network
SALT – Christian Employee Network

Since 1998, SALT serves as a network and resource to the Christian employee community at Ameriprise Financial and strives to make a positive impact on the workplace.  SALT’s mission is to live by Christian principles that enhance the workplace, including excellence, integrity, honesty and personal commitment.

SANA - South Asian Network of Ameriprise Financial
SANA – South Asian Network of Ameriprise

Created in 2010, SANA is dedicated to helping make Ameriprise Financial an “employer of choice” that employs, develops, promotes, retains and values South Asians and our culture. SANA supports professional growth and development through empowerment, inclusion, awareness-building and education of South Asian culture.

VETNET - Veteran's Employee Network
VETNET – Veteran's Employee Network

VETNET, founded in 2011 at Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance in Green Bay, provides a forum for employees to increase understanding of veterans and active duty, National Guard and military reservists, while enhancing professional skills and maximizing contributions to Ameriprise Financial and the community.

WIN - Women's Interest Network
WIN – Women's Interest Network

Formed in 1998, WIN promotes professional development, personal enrichment, diversity awareness and community partnerships by providing insight on women's perspectives.

YPN - Young Professionals Network
YPN – Young Professionals Network

YPN was founded in 2009 and is building a community of young professionals that offers social, civic and career development opportunities that cultivate unity among future Ameriprise Financial leaders.

Advisor Networks
  • Christian Franchise Advisor Network
  • The Women's Empowerment Network
1Includes employees and advisors, per Ameriprise Financial 2016 10-K